Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Susanne S. Pedersen

Prof. Dr. Susanne S Pedersen has a strong, international research profile in health and medical psychology in general and cardiac psychology in particular – i.e. the interface between psychology and cardiology – which focuses on the role of behavioral, psychosocial, and psychological factors and how they interact with clinical variables (and through which mechanisms) to influence patient reported and clinical outcomes. She has a considerable network in the field of cardiac psychology both nationally (i.e., both in Denmark and the Netherlands) and internationally.

Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. med. Markus van der Giet

Prof. Prof. h.c. Dr. med. Markus van der Giet is expert for arterial hypertension, internal medicine and nephrology. He is ESH Clinical Hypertension Specialist. He is a leading expert in pulse wave analysis and member of the most relevant European societies for hypertension and nephrology.  He is director of the DHL certified hypertension center at the Charité Berlin and head of the nephrologic outpatient department. He is head of the Renal und Vascular Research Group (RVRG) at Charité Berlin. He is author of over 190 publications in high-ranking international journals and leading investigator of the Berlin Initative Study (BIS).